Working Out With Waist Game Tight: Part Two - Wearing the Trainer

When it comes to waist training to get the perfect hourglass figure that you have always wanted, there are a variety of options. For instance, at Wasit Game Tight, we offer latex waist trainers for all-day wear that help to produce more sweat and slim your waistline quickly. Our sleek corset helps to keep things tight and present a tight-waisted profile. Our sweat vest is ideal for working out in, creating a tight but flexible fit while making you sweat! It is the sweat that helps you get rid of excess water weight and zap those stubborn fat cells! Before you throw on your favorite waist trainer and head to the gym, there are a few things you should know.

1. Wear a tank under the trainer

Whether you wear your waist trainer directly on your midsection or over a tank top regularly, when you wear your trainer while working out, it is always a good idea to wear a tank under it. The tank top will help prevent chafing from the trainer rubbing while you work out, which is super important if you are wearing one with a hook or zipper closure. Additionally, an under tank will help keep the sweat from resting on your skin — no one likes bacne! Our waist trainers and body shapers are sexy enough to sport confidently over your tank or can be concealed under a second tank or a dry-fit tee.

2. Adjust the fit.

Yes, wearing your waist trainer as tight as tolerable is the best practice during the say when you are going about your life, but make sure that it is not too restrictive while you are working out. You’ll want to make sure the fit is snug enough to compress your midsection, but not so tight that you can’t catch your breath or properly conduct your exercises. It is not cute to pass out in the gym! You can always adjust the tightness on your way out the gym door!

3. Weight, Not Cardio.

As we touched on in part one of this series, waist trainer workouts are ideally weight and strength training and low-intensity cardio. When you wear your waist trainer to the gym and do weight lifting exercises, the trainer can help you maintain better posture as well as creating cardio-quality sweat! It is not a good idea to wear the waist trainer during intense cardio as it restricts your midsection and can make it difficult to breathe. If you want to do a high-intensity cardio workout, it is okay to remove your waist trainer while you kill it on the treadmill and then put it back on to complete your lifting routine.

4. Drink Water!

Okay, so this one isn’t a tip on how to wear your waist trainer, but is an important tip to remember while wearing your waist trainer during a workout! Because the trainer is so effective at making you sweat, you lose more fluids much quicker! Make sure you replace this water so you can keep your workout going. Your body shaper or waist trainer is the perfect gym partner! But, unlike your gabbing girlfriends, your waist trainer helps you to quickly obtain an hourglass figure. When you want to whittle your middle and flaunt your amazing curves, get your waist game right with Waist Game Tight. Browse our entire line of body shapers, corsets, and waist trainers today!