Working Out With Waist Game Tight: Part One - The Exercises

If you have been looking for the Kim Kardashian waistline and are frustrated that you have changed your diet and exercise routine, but find yourself debating taking drastic measures, stop! At Wasit Game Tight, our body shapers and waist trainers help you get the curvy figure you’ve been looking for, quickly! To help the waist trainer work quicker, with longer lasting results, we recommend you incorporate a waist training workout. Here, we will review some waist trainer workout ideas to help get your waist game right, now!


Optimize Your Workout With a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers help to optimize your workout in a few different ways. One, they help to keep your core tight, training your abdominal muscles to be flexed — this also helps improve your posture!Two, it makes you sweat more where the waist trainer covers, helping to improve the fat burning power in the area you need it most, your core! When worn after your workout is complete, the waist trainer helps to compress your stomach, which helps to keep you from overeating in your post-workout hanger. When worn for several hours a day, the waist trainer will help whittle your middle into the perfect Kardashian hourglass!



When you wear your waist trainer during a cardio workout, you will increase the sweat you produce and help to burn calories and fat much quicker. You should stick to low-impact, low-intensity cardio options while wearing the trainer, like walking, elliptical, or cycling. Because, if worn correctly, the waist trainer compresses your core, you may find it difficult to do higher intensity cardio, like running. And, that’s okay, because you are getting the benefit of the extra sweat and can conserve your energy to go longer!



Of course, we all know that the squat is the ultimate booty-boosting exercise! Keeping proper form is important while squatting to help reduce back and knee injuries. The waist trainer is perfect for helping support your back while you squat — and you get to whittle your middle at the same time! Walking lunges, leg presses, reverse lunges, leg raises, and jumps are also great for building a shapely backside to complement your tapered waist.


Core Training

Core training exercises help double the power of the waist trainer! It is not a good idea — and should be nearly impossible if you’re wearing it correctly — to do sit-ups or abdominal crunches while wearing the waist trainer, but there are a ton of other core exercises you can and should do! For example, the plank is a powerful core strengthener and your waist trainer can help you keep better form while performing the exercise. Bridges, pelvic thrusts, leg lifts, and flutter kicks are other great core strengthening exercises that are enhanced by wearing a waist trainer.

Now that you know what to do in your waist trainer workout, stay tuned to part two of this blog series, where we will discuss tips on how to wear the waist trainer while exercising.

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