Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter: Body Shaping Tips

Fall is settling in to make way for winter all around the nation. While this means that it is finally time to put on your favorite pair of yoga pants and snuggle into your favorite soft sweater, it doesn’t mean you should slack off and gain the holiday 15. Summer bodies are made in the winter! Here are some winter body shaping tips to ensure you emerge from hibernation with a bikini-ready body come spring.

At Waist Game Tight, we are dedicated to helping men and women in finding the body they’ve always wanted. From a slimmer waist and thighs to rounding your hips and butt. Join us as we offer some tips to using this winter to build your summer body.

Don’t drink your calories.

Year round, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is drinking their calories. From morning lattes to lunchtime colas, to evening cocktails, it is easy to accidentally consume more calories in liquid form than from food. Drinking your calories is even easier in colder months when everything is all delicious pumpkin spice, eggnog, and champagne! Coupled with Thanksgiving pies and winter holiday treats, it is easy to load on the pounds. To help keep the weight gain at bay, choose low-calorie drinks and save your calories for your food.

Make it a group effort.

When it comes to achieving goals, it always seems easier with the support of friends. Gather up some of your gal pals that you’ll be lounging on the beach with come summer and hold each other accountable over the winter. Help encourage each other to keep on track and find ways to slim down despite the weather that makes curling up with a blanket and snacks seem like the only way to spend the days. When it gets difficult to stay on track, you can call each other for support.

Track your progress.

You can track your progress to keep you motivated. Start with the classic “before” photo and follow-up every few weeks. When you see yourself everyday, you are less likely to notice the slow progress. However, pictures never lie! Neither does the scale, tape measure, or your jeans. Keep track of your measurements regularly and compare them to where you started. By the time summer arrives, all those little changes will appear much more significant. Keeping track affords you the opportunity to see how far you’ve come!

Take advantage of winter pricing.

Winter is chock full of holidays that warrant special deals and pricing. Beginning with Black Friday and continuing through the new year, businesses of all sorts offer significant discounts to encourage shoppers to choose them. Take full advantage of the special pricing and get everything you need to create your summer body this winter. From weight loss supplements, to New Year’s resolution gym memberships, to discounted waist trainers! You don’t want to wait to pay full price in the spring when you will only have a few weeks left before summer’s bathing suit reveal!

Sweat it out!

We know how impossible it can seem to get and stay warm in the winter months. Exercise is a great way to get your body temperature up to fat-burning status. However, we also know that winter festivities and the mounds of snow can make getting out to exercise difficult. Sweat vests and body shapers can help target areas you want to sweat away the fat on. At Waist Game Tight, we offer a variety of sweat vests and full-body sweat-suits to use in saunas or under your normal wear for continual shaping and fat-burning.

Spring may seem a long way away right now, but we all know how quickly it sneaks up. Take the winter coverup as a chance to get ready for the big summer body reveal. At Waist Game Tight, we have body shapers, sweat vests, and corsets to meet all of your summer body training needs. Our products are great for wearing in a variety of settings, including everyday use. Use this winter to get your midsection ready for summer the easy way. Find the body confidence you deserve with a waist trainer. Check out our entire line of body shapers online today!