Postpartum Waist Training: Tips for the New Mom

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and physically challenging things a woman can accomplish. While training for a marathon takes dedication and hours of intense training, carrying a human child inside your uterus for the better part of nine months is a 24-hour job. Once the baby emerges, the physical challenges are far from over, and the new mom must recover and adjust to her new mom-bod. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! For the mom who wants her pre-baby body back, waist trainers are the perfect avenue for reaching those goals. Here, we will fill you in on the secret that more and more moms are flocking to.

But first, a quick anatomy lesson…

During pregnancy, the growing baby takes up a majority of their mother’s core. This puts pressure on internal organs and causes muscles and ligaments to strain and tear as they make room for the growing baby. Veins and arteries are compressed, which causes the muscles below to not get the nourishment they need to stay strong. Hormones and other factors cause a pregnant woman to retain massive amounts of fluid, some of which is essential to protecting the baby, and some of which will accumulate in places. like the ankle and toes, causing uncomfortable swelling.

In the immediate postpartum period, the uterus is attempting to shrink from the size of a stuffed large watermelon back down to a hollow pear. The muscles and ligaments of the abdomen and pelvis are suddenly left stretched and sagging. Hormones cause even more fluid to be retained than what pregnancy did. The bones of the pelvis are still detached, making movement painful and exercise impossible. If a mother is breastfeeding, she must eat more calories to make nourishing milk for the baby. All of this takes a toll on the physical wellbeing and psyche of the new mom.

Waist Training for the Postpartum Mom

To help support the abdomen of a new postpartum mom, waist trainers can be worn immediately, even while she is still in the hospital! Waist trainers are the ideal method for new moms to regain their pre-pregnancy body quickly for many reasons.

1. Structured Support

First, they provide structural support for newly loose muscles and ligaments, allowing them to be compressed back to their pre-pregnancy placement. Not only is this great for quickly replacing the body parts to help flatten the baby pouch, but it can also help provide some comfort and relief for the mom who experiences discomfort due to the weakened muscles and newly hollow midsection. Additionally, the compression offered by the waist trainer can help prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

2. Fluid Purge

Waist trainers are great for ridding the body of excess fluid. This key detail is especially important for the postpartum mom who has cankels and is holding onto liters of extra fluid. The properties of the waist trainer that help the body create fat-zapping sweat also help to rid the body of extra fluids.

3. No-Impact Exercise

Waist trainers are great gym partners that are perfect for complementing workouts to make them more efficient. However, when worn outside of the gym, waist trainers continue to exercise the core and keep the muscles engaged, without active physical exercise. This is great news for the new mom who is busy recovering and unable to resume working out for six to eight weeks!

To get the most out of your postpartum waist trainer, you should increase use daily and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Don’t wait another month and a half to start getting your body back. With a waist trainer from Waist Game Tight, you can start getting your waist game right before your newborn photo shoot! Shop our entire line of body shapers and waist trainers perfect for whittling your middle.