How to Rebound After Having a Baby: The Kim Kardashian Secret!

Okay, it isn’t really a secret, just as much as it isn’t a trend started by Kim Kardashian. For centuries postpartum women have been using belly binding as a means to quickly shrink their baby bump back to its previous flat, toned state. Stars like Kim Kardashian have simply made belly binding popular by being vocal — and looking fabulous! If you are like most women and used pregnancy as a (good) excuse to exercise gluttony and laziness and put diet and exercise on the backburner for nine months, you are sure to feel the consequences once the baby pops out and there is no longer an acceptable reason to be flaunting a belly bump. This is where postpartum belly binding comes in handy!

In the immediate postpartum phase, your OB/GYN will coach you on proper nutrition and what physical activity you can engage in. They may even tell you about the magic metabolism that breastfeeding offers as a means to drop the weight you gained. However, these things do little to get your abdominal muscles back to where they were before all the stretching occurred. For centuries, postpartum belly binding and waist training have been considered routine practice in other cultures and is now becoming a popular trend, thanks to pioneers like the Kardashian family.

Benefits to Postpartum Waist Training

During pregnancy, the abdominal wall thins and muscles separate to make room for the baby. These muscles require support once the baby comes out. Other physical and hormonal changes throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period take a great toll on the body. Waist training after childbirth offers many benefits including:

  • Supports the womb after birth and encourages uterine contractions
  • Helps cleanse the uterus of clots that could otherwise cause hemorrhages
  • Helps provide compression that reduces cramping Improves posture, reducing pain caused by breastfeeding
  • Helps shape and tone abdomen and hips
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Relieves muscle and tendon tension
  • Relieves water retention
  • Helps prevent postpartum depression by improving body image
  • Improves overall circulation
  • Provides support after cesarean-section (C-section) births

Post Pregnancy Waist Training Tips

Postpartum waist training should be approached similarly to general waist training, with a few key differences. For any waist training, you’ll want to increase wear slowly, each day wearing it for longer, never exceeding eight hours. You should never wear your waist trainer or body trainer while sleeping. If you feel short of breath, dizzy, or lightheaded, you should remove the waist trainer immediately. Postpartum-specific tips include:

  • Wear the body shaper or waist trainer snug without being tight
  • Use soft, flexible waist trainers as opposed to girdle or corset style, especially if you had a C-section
  • Monitor fit and adjust daily as your body changes
  • Combine with essential oils or vitamin E to help ease cramps and shrink stretch marks

Effects of Postpartum Waist Training

If worn correctly and immediately following childbirth, waist trainers can help to shrink your baby belly back into your normal belly. Not only does this technique help to lose weight, it also helps to provide the much-needed support necessary to get your body functioning as it once did. Most importantly, body shapers and waist trainers can provide comfort to the recently traumatized body, which is important to being the best mom you can be!

To get your pre-baby body back — or to create a better shape than you’ve ever had — take advantage of the benefits that waist trainers have for the postpartum mom. At Waist Game Tight, we stock a variety of body shapers and waist trainers that are perfect for immediate postpartum comfort and long-term toning and shaping. Browse our entire collection today!