Give The Gift of a Whittled Waist This Holiday Season

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us! As you see scrambling to figure out gift ideas for everyone on your naughty and nice list this year, instead of getting everyone something they will regift, give them something practical that they can actually use! Everyone on both your naughty and your nice list is sure to have New Year's resolutions regarding the extra eggnog weight and trimming the fat before spring arrives. Help everyone you know reach their goals before spring returns with a product from Waist Game Tight.

Reveal your hunk's abs.

If the man in your life has packed on a “few lbs” this fall eating season and game-day wings aren't helping him recover, don't sweat it — let him sweat it off with one of our men's sauna vests. Not only will the sweat vest help him literally melt his stubborn belly fat and love handles, but it will help him detox from the spiked eggnog and make him feel like a million bucks! Goodbye, dad-bod, hello GQ man of the year!

Help your bestie land a man.

We already know — your favorite gal pal is on the prowl. If she doesn’t seem as comfortable and confident as she did in her early 20s, there are ways to give your BFF a gift that can help we regain her self-confidence. It is amazing what a body shaper can do for self-confidence. It helps to give the appearance of a flat waist, slim midsection, and curvy backside, which is the ideal look for landing a New Year’s kiss. Give your bestie the waist she has always wanted and allow her to feel confident in her own skin. After all, we are happiest when we are comfortable with ourselves. A few pesky pounds can be the difference from having your friend feel the best she has ever been versus wishing she did.

Empower your sister.

Your little sister has the waist that the rest of us dream of, no reason to help her whittle her waistline. Our unicorn yoga pants are as magical as she is, and express your love for her perfectly. Diamonds, unicorns, and heart, oh my! Empower her to show off her figure or help her stand out in her yoga class. Leggings from Wasit Game Tight are the perfect holiday gift for her!

Give your mom her pre-you figure back.

Now that you aren't getting younger, it may have dawned on you that your mother wasn't always the shape she is now. She, too, was once young and shapely, but aging naturally takes a toll of a woman’s body. Show your appreciation and give her her body back with a waist trainer corset from Waist Game Tight this holiday. Our floral waist trainer acts as a dual gift — flowers and a slimming wineglass figure. For all of your holiday shopping, let Waist Game Tight let you give your loved ones the gift of a whittled waist and social media worthy holiday pics with a waist trainer. At our prices, you can afford to get everyone on both your nice and naughty list a sauna vest, waist trainer, or corset. Shop our entire line of waist slimming products today.