Care and Maintenance of your Shapewear

Now that you’ve purchased one of our high quality shapewear items, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure they last as long as possible. If you are not caring for your item(s) properly, they'll start to lose their shape and effectiveness. Obviously you purchased this item(s) because you wanted a satisfying experience. Our products will shape your midsection, provide back support and improve your posture but in order for that to happen, it is important that you keep them clean. Here are a few tips and procedures for you to keep your products in top condition.

Tip 1: Wash Regularly

It can be kind of a pain dealing with shapewear, so it’s tempting not to wash it as often as you should. You need to wash it so that the materials contract and maintain their highest functionality. Otherwise, they’ll become stretched out and ineffective. You can wear a garment a couple of times in between wash cycles. Just be sure to follow the care instructions for your particular shapewear. It is also highly recommended that you wear a layer of clothing underneath your shapewear that will create a barrier and minimize exposure of natural oils and sweat between your body and the shapewear. After washing your product, be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing or wearing it. Failure to dry appropriately can result in damage to your shapewear.

Tip 2: Be Careful with Latex items

While it’s very strong in the sense that it provides the compression that you love, latex is easily damaged. Hand-wash your latex items in a sink or bucket of warm water, using a mild shampoo or baby shampoo. Never put latex products in a washer machine or dryer. Rinse well and hang dry (don’t wring). Once they are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry area free from direct sunlight. Latex items that are not thoroughly dry will easily rot with little moisture.

Tip 3: For All Other Garments

Non-latex garments such as the Neoprene products can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle or hand-wash cycle in cold water. If your washer doesn’t have a gentle cycle, wash them by hand in cold water. Cold water is necessary to contract the material for full effectiveness. Do not use strong agitation or hot water, or you can damage the material. Do not wash your shapewear vigorously as heavy soaking and violent cleaning can discolor your item and even rupture its material. After you are finished washing, lay flat or hang to dry. Do not put in a dryer.

Tip 4: Use Special Detergent

On non-latex items, choose a specially formulated lingerie detergent. Detergents that contain dyes, fragrances, alcohol, softeners or bleach can damage your waist trainer. For latex items, you can use mild shampoo or baby shampoo.

Tip 5: Proper Storage

To maintain its shape, it’s important to lay shapewear flat in a drawer or closet where it won’t be exposed to light. Do not roll it up! You can also hang it using clothes pins or special lingerie hangers.

Tip 6: Buy more than one of the same item

If you are very active and have pieces that you like to wear daily, make sure they get a break. We recommend that you buy at least two of the same items so that they can be alternated and not wear out too fast.

Taking good care of your shapewear is like taking care of an investment. In order to get the return or investment, you will have to make an effort to follow these tips. Thank you again for believing in WaistGameTight.